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Sack sewing thread 1000m


bag stitching thread 1000m

Customzied for portable bag sewing closing machine , Suite for the mostly sewing machine brand , Production from 100% virgin polyester staple fiber 1.33dtex*38mm . Have following product characteristics :

  • Running continuous ,knotless thread with no break .

  • Higher breaking force 10% than standard level.

  • Less hairiness, perfect appearance of cone shape .

  • Strict quality control from each fiber to the thread .

  • Food contact material for safe use .

  • ISO9001:2015 ; ISO14001:2015 management system .

  • Can customized for branding use .

Thread Specification

  • Thread Item : premium sack  sewing thread 1000M

  • Breaking Force : 7.5-8.6Kgs

  • Cone length : 1000M

  • Package : 100pcs per carton

  • Suite : NEWLONG | FISCHBEIN|UNION-SPECIAL|YAO-HAN|GK26-1A | Np-7A |Gk9-2| F300A N600A|F300A|N640A|3000 series|F40650 Siruba AA6  

  • Original : China

  • Other available : bag sewing thread 12s/4 12s/5 12s/6 20s/720s/6 10s/3 10s/4 ect .


Use purpose

Bag Sewing Threads widely used in agricultural field ,industrial packing  for sewing,Closing open mouth bags , like Sugar bags , pp woven sacks , .Multi-wall paper bags,Sand bags , mesh bags ..ect.  Sute for closing mostly heavy multi-wall paper bags, Raschel bag, woven polypropylene (BOPP) bags,filled with seed, large animal feed, charcoal, rice ,cement ,fruit and other goods. 

What we can offer

Our company production industrial sewing thread since 1987 in China , Solving the sewing problems of customers is our mission and innovate target , let us know what you need , and our production team will give you professional suggestion . The main products from our company is 100% polyester yarn for sewing thread and polyester bag sewing closing thread .

The yarn thread count we mainly production 10s ,12s ,20s ,21s ,30s ,40s  with 2 ply up to 12 ply ,  thread cone can be paper tube, dyeing tube and precision cone for different uses . For example : thread industry , industry knitting , sack bag sewing , packaging industry , filtration industry .