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DIfferent Types of Polypropylene Woven Bags

  • Feb 24,2022

Polypropylene woven bags have widely use in industrial packaging , for example in Food packaging industry , Cement industry , Mineral packaging industry ect.


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Polypropylene/HDPE Woven Bags /Sacks (Laminated / Unlaminated)


Polypropylene Woven Bags and Polypropylene Woven Sacks are used

for packing of a wide variety of products like solid chemicals,

fertilizers, food grains, sugar, cashew nuts, animal feeds, flour,

maize etc.


Polypropylene/HDPE Woven Bags /Sacks (With / Without Liner)

These Polypropylene/HDPE woven bags are used when the particle

size of the product to be packed is very fine making it possible for

it to ooze out of the woven bag.

Hence an additional liner ensures its proper packing without any

leakage of material.

Perforated Bags

These bags are generally used for packing of cement or any other

material which is hot while packing.

The perforations (small holes) will help the hot air to go out

while packing the material in the bag

Sand Bags

These bags have a strap on the top. They are filled with sand and

then the strap is tied to close the bag

Sand bags are available with/without strap(as per requirement)

Valve Bags

This type of bags is used mainly for packaging of cement and

            various other products.

The material can directly filled by a hose and once the material

            has been filled to the brim the valve shuts automatically providing

            a locking system

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