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Customized bag sewing thread for bagging system

  • May 20,2022

We often encounter some customized products; in order to better apply to high-speed sewing packaging system;


We can divide this into two categories, one is the better use of the thread, and the other is the need for customization , What is the better use of thread , which is using our sewing thread  can improve production efficiency and save labor costs , Reduce thread breaking problems when using on bagging system which  caused by thread quality problems ,for example , too many knots ,lower breaking force ,uneven thickness ,and the wrong winding problem ; so we can customized thread accoringly by the characteristics of the sewing machine and the load-bearing requirements of the packaging bag , give a better solution on thread using , Proactively provide customers with products that can reduce costs .


heavy duty bag sewing thread_

Another is we can customized thread size ,for example the thread cone weight/length production accordingly by customer requests , Rather than constant weight and size, customer satisfaction is a measure of our productivity , So , there is a fertilizer group , they are requesting thread be with mixed color , thread count 12s/4 ,four ply yarn which consists of 2 strands of red color yarn and 2 strands of blue color yarn , this is customer requests and this is our target as well ; of course we also facing some clients customzed the different twist of yarn , and we can do that as well , which mainly due to our flexible production arrangements and good execution .

Now , take action , when you have different requirment of industrial polyester bag sewing thread , talk with us and without any hesitate ! give us a call or e-mail ,whatever ,we always online 24hours .



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